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Why Alien(s) are the best movies ever

February 17, 2009


1. Because they are claustrophobically scary as hell

2. The soundtracks add to the terror by about a gazillion percent

3. The build-up to the chest-bursting scene in Alien, dear god, it’s crazy how good it is. You (and they) think it’s all ok and they’re having a nice meal back on the ship and then, KABLAM, blood and viscera and freaky alien spawn!

4. Apparently the actors all knew the alien would be bursting out of John Hurt but didn’t know there would be fake blood pumping out of his chest so all their freaking out is for realz!

5. Also apparently Ridley Scott wanted the end of Alien to be way darker – like, he wanted the alien to tear Ripley’s head off, then sit in her chair and start talking in her voice, some evil message for humankind – ahahahahaha!

6. The flamethrowers in Aliens, the shitting scary tomb for all the human victims, the Queenie, the fact that Ripley is undermined and scoffed at by the idiot, white, male corporate bastardos and then totally kicks serious ass and saves humanity. Plus she totally rules that Power Loader!

7. The fact that these films are so DEEP man. Mary Ann Doane (1990) argues that the film deals with “…the revolution in the development of technologies of reproduction (birth control, in vitro fertilisation, artifical insemination, surrogate mothering etc.)” and she also writes that these technologies “…put into crisis the very possibility of the question of origins, the Oedipal dilemma and the relation between subjectivity and knowledge that it supports.” Interestingly, Christine Cornea (2007) argues that the films are about the role of the feminine in the creation of masculine subjectivity and identity¬† – Heavy duty shit yo!

I could go on…..and on

I just wish a female director could have made at least one of the films…I give props to Scott and Cameron but still. I reckon Alison Maclean should direct a new chapter of the franchise, she’d be bloody good.

Alien and Aliens at IMDB


I wouldn’t say no to Edward Cullen.

December 10, 2008

I’ve been trying to resist for ages but last weekend I finally gave in and read Twilight. It’s a shit book – badly written, unimaginative, long-winded, irritating and boring. BUT I couldn’t stop myself from reading to the end.

It’s a compelling story because it’s fucking romantic.

Twilight is simple teenage girl wish fulfilment: lonely, bookish, clumsy new girl at school is the object of desire for several eligible guys on campus, but she spurns their advances because, like, she just wants to be friends. She also has her eye on the mysterious stranger in the corner of the lunchroom who happens to be a stone cold babe. Girl turns out to be object of primal, uncontrollable desire for babe. Babe also happens to be undead. Big deal! Babe and girl fall passionately in love and are the envy of all their peers. He saves her from peril, she takes care of him and rescues him from himself. They go to prom. They do not have sex. Ever!

Edward and Bella’s relationship is exactly what every girl wants in high school – a gorgeous supernatural being to save us from the boredom and awkwardness of adolescence, convince us that we’re special, kiss us coolly and have absolutely no desire to get in our panties.

Unlike The Guardian, I don’t think Stephanie Meyer’s series is pernicious, anti-feminist or dangerous (it’s a bit much to label two-dimensional vampo-babe Edward a proto-rapist). Even though there are definite pro-abstinence messages in the book, frankly, I don’t think that’s such a bad thing for young women and girls who are becoming acquainted with sex and sexual behaviour at an increasingly early age. Sure, Bella is pathetic and annoying, but at least she’s independent, interested in reading, doesn’t wear g-strings or Playboy t-shirts and is a nice person, unlike any of the characters in Gossip Girl.

I’m trying really really hard NOT to start reading the second book in the Twilight series, New Moon. But I’m losing the battle. I dig a fucking good romance! I don’t care what you say.

Oh yeah and this article in The Atlantic has an interesting take on it.

And has anyone noticed the ridiculously obvious origins of the name Edward Cullen???

PS. Robert Pattinson is a babe.