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Ada Lovelace Day

March 24, 2009
I RULE you Babbage!

I RULE you Babbage!

Holy cow, how fricking excited do you think I am about discovering that not only is today Ada Lovelace Day but that I can partake in this crazily awesome day by blogging about a Techie Fembot who is imbued with the Lovelace spirit that has smashed technological patriarchy’s lilly-livered ass since 1815??
VERY EXCITED let me tell you

Now I have blogged about this Fembot before but in the spirit of Lovelace, I wish to draw your attention again to the techie/smashing/misogynistic-media-excoriating/awesome/hilarity-inducing Fembot that is:
Sarah Haskins…

No caption needed

No caption needed

Check out Target Women
My favourites so far are Yoghurt, Wedding shows and Vampires
Follow her on Twitter if you are so techie/fembot inclined
Dearest Ada, I hope you appreciate my miniscule contribution to your awesome patriarchy smackdown legacy…
I hail thee


My new nickname

March 18, 2009


My sis calls me this now

Choice eh?